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Note that I found a fix for this but I consider it sub-optimal because I have to use a third-party tool. However, failing a proper fix I can continue to use it.

I have been using an 8Bitdo SN30 controller to play the game. I had been connecting it via USB and it worked with Ori flawlessly, recognized as a standard XInput controller. However, as I was weary of tripping over the cable repeatedly I finally bought a Bluetooth receiver and set up the controller wirelessly. Windows 7 recognizes the game controller without incident and it works with other games but Ori does not like it. When I connect it the D-pad controls are ninety degrees off and when I start the game Ori keeps running to the left endlessly unless I hold up, in which case he stops moving. If I jump, he activates the feather ability, so clearly the R-trigger is being held down, also.

This is evidently a known issue with more than one control setup. A number of players using XBox One controllers had this issue but they found a fix by installing different controller drivers. As I am not using an XBone controller this is not an option for me.

After failing to find any viable solution online I finally decided to try a solution that I had used for another game: x360ce, an application that makes any arbitrary game controller to appear to a game as an XBox 360 controller. With some fiddling (I used instructions at ) I made it work and I can play the game.

However, I would prefer to have the controls work without having to rely upon a third-party application. If I cannot, then I can probably live with it but I feel as though I should have a better option.