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I want to stream this game. I have a two monitor system but the game captures and keeps my mouse leaving me unable to interact with my second monitor. Is there a way to play it in windowed mode or a short cut to release my mouse?

in window? yes it should be posible to do so: most if not all AGS games have that option.

in the game folder theres a file called winsetup, run the file by double click

then you will see a window, with some options...

check the attachment: screenshot.jpg

If available i always run my games in a window, this way i can keep an eye on the taskbar and see how 'hot' my pc gets, cause some games are using lots of cpu and gpu (most unitygames tend to use loads of cpu and gpu)
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great. It makes it bearable on a 40" display. 3x is just the size of the old pc screens back then in the early 90s.