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Again, I thoroughly appreicated that there are developers that keep the spirt of the 90s SIERRA alive. This game had many great moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the swamp and the chicken soup to clear out the EVIL MEEPS with the raptors. Also the music in the opening reminded me of the Rankin Bass and Bakshi Animated Fantasy movies of my youth. My biggest critcisim is I felt after awhile that there was only one puzzle hanging over my head, and little left to explore. For example, right around the time you need to get access to the swamp it feels like the puzzles are stacked and you can only complete one at a time to unlock the next. If you think of QFG1 there's probably about ten different things you can attend to on any given day. I understand that QFG is more of hybrid game, and kinda apples and oranges. But aside from that, I thought the plot progession relyed on way too may Trigger events. Once I realized this was part of the game's internal logic I just founding my self skipping through every square of the map hoping to stumble upon some happenings that would unlock the next puzzle. At times this got very tedious. (BUT it was very nice the Devs including a skip animation right click...good call)
Overall though, I thoroughly enjoyed haivng another game that brought back many good memories of the 90s.