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Can someone please explain to me how supply works in this game? I've read the manual and some question/answers on other boards, but it does not seem to be working as it should for me. I'm on the New Georgia scenario in the Pacific. I started at the bottom of the island of New Georgia and worked my way north, slaughtering every enemy along the way. I have a supply ship in the port, and one along the coast, along with two destroyers.

From what the supply map says, I am generating 138 supply points. I have 9 land units on the island, that are using 35 supply points, by my count, so my destroyers show a surplus of +88 in green. But, for some reason, 7 of my 9 units are showing orange or red like they do not have enough supply (see attached image). Is this a bug? Am I just missing something? Does distance from the supply source matter? I cannot find any documentation to say that is the case though... just as long as you do not have any enemy cutting you off from the supply, you should be fine from my understanding.

Please help.
oob-wwii.jpg (86 Kb)
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