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A question if you please:
I got Omerta: City of Gangsters (4 DLC-s included) for free I think last summer sale or something and today I bought The Japanese Incentive DLC.
But there is also Gold Edition and according to game card it is the same as what I have above but I am not sure since it is not very good explained and it doesn't say owned on Gold Edition game card.
So if anyone who has Gold Edition can tell me if I miss/missed something I would be grateful.

This question / problem has been solved by HertogJanimage
4 DLC + JI equals the Gold Edition.
Thanks! ;-)
You're welcome.
It's true it's badly said:
" It also features 25 unique characters and more than 20 different and detailed district maps of Atlantic City - an offer you can't refuse! "
"also" should mean it's in addition of the DLCs and expansion...
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