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Hi all,

We've uploaded a GOG-made patch for Omerta that should no longer require the Japanese Incentive DLC in order to play the game normally past the first mission. Basically, the aforementioned fix fixes the credit roll bug that affected the first mission in the game.

Also, we've updated the installers but did not flag them as the patch we've made should work without having you re-install everything. In case something does go pear-shaped, please download the installer setup_omerta_2.3.0.14.exe from your account and run it and then you won't need the patch as that installer is already patched up with our fix.

If you experience any gamebreaking bugs please let us know here or via Support so that we can see whether this long standing issue is finally behind us or if we need to tweak something else on our end :)

We apologize for the radio silence on this issue but we hope that now everyone who has the game can play it normally :)

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Tannath: Good job, but this only fixes the "credit rolls after every mission bug", right? What about the other two long standing major bugs (Georgia Avenue map being unfinishable and the empty DLC maps)?
Those should be fixed as well. In essence, we wanted to make sure you get the same fixes found elsewhere. If possible, please play through the affected parts and let us know if you are still experiencing the same exact issues.
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