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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.63721 Test 11/02/2022

New spymaster mission - Expose Agent Network (requires Scholarship)
New agent mission - Move Agent Network (requires Manor)
Free Longbowman bonus tech added (requires Bodkin Arrow)
Enlisted units are now healed to half health
Ambition tier and weight adjustments

Enabled new network system in Test
AI improvements
Achievements - "Leader Count" achievement now "Ten Crowns" achievement

Family tree UI amendments to highlight leader and heirs
Map dimensions added to map size tooltip
Added searchable dropdown for Steam friends in Cloud game setup on Steam
Added tech prerequisites to mission help
Default key mappings changed - Q/E now cycles tabs, with arrow keys or A/D cycling cities instead
Opinion triangle shown on general portrait for selected unit
Improved Hall of Fame scenario helptext

Bugs Fixed
Localization text fixes
Miscellaneous event fixes
Possible fix to intermittent issue with tooltip links not displaying
Fixed replay data being discarded for cloud games
Fixed unit animation in replay
Fixed 'press Alt to buy goods' help text
Fixed Roman army moving before it should have done in Learn to Play 5
Fixed Alexander the Who achievement not triggering in some cases
Fixed resources becoming transparent when occupied by units where player has no visibility
Fixed incorrect interaction between ballista and city widget
Unit widgets now start with the correct mouse-over color without being selected
Fixed Map Editor save bug
Fixed duplicate floating text on replay for team games
Fixed scenario icons on the scenario menu
Fixed bug allowing characters to gain more than 3 strengths