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Test Branch: 1.0.64411 Test 12/14/2022

New World Map - Imperium Romanum: The Roman World!
Hotseat games with 1 Human player are now treated as Multiplayer games. This fixes teams not starting together in these games.
Donut map script updated, new options added
Inland Sea map script updated to give less regular sea and more mountain ranges

Performance improvements to terrain display and animations
AI improvements to use of forts, water control, anchoring and island movement

New Events
New Strings
Sorry State of Furnishings

Steam Input updates
Added project prerequisites to event option helptext
Unit tooltips in city screen now show per-unit cost increase (affects Settlers, Workers and Disciples)
Worker recommendation icons now show improvement yields and adjacency boni from all valid tiles, not just in the current city.
Added ambition progress to ambition bonus helptext in event options
Workers now have the Worker unit trait (icon art not added yet)

Bugs Fixed
Miscellaneous event fixes and rebalancing
Fixed bug where an already settled city site was still being treated as a tribe site in some cases
Fixed missing information for Council assignment and Diplomacy events in Role Playing mode
Fixed AI unit movement bug introduced last week
Fixed some AI regressions
Fixed unit widgets not reappearing after hiding the UI
Fixed issues with tundra tile heightmap rendering
Fixed rare unit conversion bug
Fixed event browser errors for event tree and advanced text editor popups
Fixed impossible ambition to enact Elites in Carthage 3 scenario
Fixed spacing in production text on city widget
Fixed dynasty dropdown behavior for MP setup
Fixed dowry research bug
Fixed issue where units hit or killed by splash damage didn't play any animations