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Hi all,

We've uploaded a new installer + patch for the Windows version and a new Mac installer for Octodad. The game is now at version 1.2.12737 and it includes the DLC Shorts (Dad Romance and Medical Stress)


1.2.127 37:


Fix for possible 1.2.12708 save wipe issue
Fix for Medical Mess Unicode character Watermelon Objective issue (German, Polish, Korean)



Two new self-contained adventures (Dad Romance, Medical Mess).


Story mode timer
Freeplay/Shorts levels will hold a temporary checkpoint even when game is shut down.
Multiple mice support for co-op
Collected ties will show up in replayed levels as ghost ties.

Community Translated Languages:

Italian (Thanks to Enrico)

Added UI graphic to show levels with no ties (Shark Naked).
Hint at secret level in Freeplay menu.
No longer track times for credit levels.
Ability to ignore desktop resolution when factoring max supported resolution. (OctodadConfig.xml option only)
Optimizations / Bug Fixes
Improved skybox rendering performance
Reduce frame lag from objects attached to Octodad.
Prevent invisible objects falling through the floor upon becoming visible again.
Reduce complexity of character vision cone for detecting Octodad.
Reduce crashes that can occur when getting Octodad unstuck from geometry.
Reduce crashes that can occur when loading/unloading levels.


Borderless window mode now fills desktop resolution.


Fix crash when using Korean Language in Windowed mode.
Fix for custom ties rendering upside down on Octodad.

Linux (we're working on getting the Linux version released so while we are working on it, it's best that you have the changelog for Linux once it's released :) )

Borderless option removed
Fullscreen is now a borderless window that takes up the whole screen (does not change desktop resolution).
Better second monitor behavior when using xinerama.
Desktop keyboard events no longer blocked (Alt-Tab, Volume, etc., Ubuntu 14.04 or later recommended)
Common resolutions provided in options even if monitor/xserver does not support them.
Fix for Sony DualShock 3 analog stick.
DualShock 3 now automatically detected and mapped.
Fix freeze when fullscreen losing focus but never sending gain focus event.
Fix freeze possibility by always forcing positive timestep.
8x and 16x antialiasing removed from settings menu (can still be set in OctodadConfig.xml if desired but 8x and 16x seem to be buggy on a lot of cards)


Ability to move Octodad to match an animated pose.
Ability to concatenate character animations to Every*.X files with custom .X files.
Ability to have PhysicsObject use a different PhysicsObject to glow when within grabbing range.
Ability to toggle button status for PhysicsObjects.
Ability to clone velocity between two objects.
Textures will refresh in editor when reloaded from File Open dialog.
Ability to enable physics on ParticleObjects.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Finally! Thanks!!!
seppelfred: Finally! Thanks!!!
Sorry about the delay, lots of things going on in the background. Glad we could get everyone updated though :)
Thanks a million GOG and octodad team, I have been really looking forwards to this.
Awesome! Thanks :)

Maybe you could delete the thread I created?
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