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Hi all,

We have uploaded a patch (PC) and a new installer (Mac) that will update your Octodad install to version 1.0.9701. Please check your gameshelves for the Universal update (patch 1.0.9701) and the new Mac installer.


OctodadEditor now included for non-steam Windows users.


Rising Tide tie no longer unhinges the crane from the boat.
Prevent the ability to skip the cafeteria run.
Fixed Stacy's movement behavior in dark.
Failsafe added for jumping to the front of the boat without
smashing boxes.
Rain turns off on boat while "Low Detail" is enabled in
Fixed an issue where unassigned co-op arm would not drop grabbed
Gamepads with less than four buttons are now ignored (laptop
accelerometers causing menu to constantly scroll up).
Ability to disable gamepad input.


Reduced physics objects in boat, world of kelp, and cafeteria to
improve performance.
Rafters no longer randomize, falling rafters are marked.
Chop blocker camera is fixed.
Chef pauses for longer after a checkpoint load in the run.
Grass contrast now visible.
Removed grocery poster collision.
Caiman claw game easier to get inside.
Improved 'Trick Shot-Gun Wedding' achievement.
Always set default gravity in production levels to prevent possible
Workshop levels affecting the normal game's gravity.
Better checking to reduce accidentally skipping cutscenes when
still pressing grab.


Expanded-character set (Cyrillic) usernames will now correctly
save, load checkpoints.


Fixed issue where Russian word for "loading.." could cause crash in
windowed mode.

Thanks and have a nice day, everyone :)