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Is it possible for us to get a solid multiplayer thread started here?

I know there are some issues on the forums with LAN and Westwood Online and such. I'm talking beyond that, though.

I remember years ago finding a noxforum site or something like that which still had a small but active Nox multiplayer community. Is there any way we could consolidate information, perhaps find a way to guide multiplayer-interested Nox players all to the same place? It'd be so sick to load up the multiplayer and there be a decent number of games going on like back in the day. The multiplayer is just amazing.

I like how people call Nox a D2 clone when Nox was first to introduce lin of sight, first to use more realistic physics, first to use traps (like how Diablo 3 straight up copied the Death Ray sentry), and the first to have a legit PvP and PvE option beyond the storyline.

If there's a way we can set up some sort of server or something, or direct people to an existing one, that would be amazing. I miss throwing Teleport To Marker in my wizard traps and sending people to death pits on the map :)
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Hello, there's a ton of NoX-related sites. (I'm an admin of this one) (korean) (also admin of this one) (also admin of this one)

In fact, you can find more links here.
Dude, that's awesome. Thank you!

Also, I just today noticed that GOG Galaxy thing. Is that going to be able to set up multiplayer matches between players on games like Nox? I mean, is it going to be like a newer, better version of the old MSN Gaming Zone/GameSpy type gaming hubs where players could gather and easily multiplay with various people?

If that is the case, I will totally pledge my undying loyalty to GOG immediately lol.
Got it!

So what I did was this:

Bought Nox via GOG. Downloaded Galaxy and installed Nox.

Downloaded backup copy of the original Nox with the Westwood components.

Moved the Noxforum install over the GOG install to replace files. At first I got a No-Cd message.

Ran the GOG repair tool for Nox, no more error. I can now launch GOG Galaxy, hit Play on Nox, and acces the Westwood Online/XWIS servers in game just like old times. No hassle.

If you don't want to do all this yourself, here's a link to my Nox install files via my Dropbox. (You don't need Dropbox, it's just a download from mine).

Download the Zip. Move the zipped files into the Galaxy/Games/Nox folder and overwrite everything. There is 1 extra folder called Westwood Online. Go in there and run the Westwood Online installer.

Badda-boom! Fully functional Nox multiplayer through GOG Galaxy.

Let me know how it works for you, or if you had any problems.

LINK --> (( w w w. dropbox .com/s/xiq8a288j3hh9mh/ ))

Big time shout out to both and GOG! Let the Nox mayhem begin again! :D

See you guys there.

- I removed the No-CD 1.2b file from the folder because you won't need it for one, and for two I'm hoping that will keep Norton or whatever anti-virus from freaking out over false positives.
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Is multiplayer balanced with people playing all classes or is it still wizard dominated?
Michael Booth, lead game designer of NoX:

"When I began the Nox project, I originally wanted to make an updated version of Atari's Gauntlet, which is one of my favorite classic games. I had also been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat and Magic the Gathering, and I quickly realized that a medieval game would be the perfect vehicle for a sort of real-time Magic the Gathering spell combat system. The goal was to create the ultimate "wizard battling" game, where players could throw spells at each other, but also be able to counter those spells, and out-think each other with clever spell combinations. I was hoping to capture the feel of some of the epic wizard battles I had read about in various fantasy novels.

The Mortal Kombat inspiration came in in the way spells were executed. A spell was cast by tapping the gamepad in a certain pattern. For instance, down-down-up was a fireball. This is where the spell syllables and "hand gestures" came from. However, we found this to be a large barrier for new and less dexterous players, so we modified the spell interface into what we have now. There is still a sort of key-combo system for spellcasting, however. By using the R, E, and W keys, you can still build your own spell patterns, after a fashion."

I think that should answer your question about wizards dominating multiplayer. Though, there's slightly more warriors than wizards now. Conjurer is the least popular probably.

Feel free to read more of the interview here:
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superjack46: Hello, there's a ton of NoX-related sites. (I'm an admin of this one) (korean) (also admin of this one) (also admin of this one)

In fact, you can find more links here.
That's... actually respectable. Glad to see more Westwood's games have active players.