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I used to be able to play this on XP. I got it working a year or two ago on Win7. But now, despite all I try, it won't work. I install it just fine, I launch screen. I try to launch in -swindow, it says "16 bit programs must be in high color" or something like that. I then install the Quest update, and avast instantly starts detecting it as a virus. No option to mark as false positive, no 'restore' from chest (its still in folder, not listed in quarantine). Even if I have it excluded in both 'file system shield' and the 'exclusions' tab in general settings.

I've tried excluding, reinstall, run as admin, remove desktop interlacing or w/e, ran in 256 color, ran -swindow. I've tried just about every fix I can think of, and the end result is either a consistent black screen, a temporary black screen that reverts to desktop...or nothing opens and there's no error message (This happens after avast warns about it).

I miss this game, I want to play it, but no matter what I do it won't work :(

EDIT - Tried a true fresh install. No quest, no 1.2, avast isn't detecting it. If I launch it with no compatibilities; black screen.
If I launch either nox.exe or game.exe shortcuts with win98, it instantly says it's stopped working n lists error as "APPCRASH".
If I try launching game.exe shortcut with -swindow, whether with or without 98/xp compatibility or with 256 colors, it says "16 bit color mode requires use of high colors (65336)" or some such, then shuts down.

If I try launching game.exe shortcut with -swindow, 256 colors, run as admin, and win98 compat, it instantly crashes just like with only compatibility.
If I try launching game.exe shortcut with run and disable composition/themes, it'll open go to black screen, where I'll hear the audio of the menus dropping, and the sound of clicks, but no music or other audio, and nothing visual.
If I try adding windpws xp service pack 3 as compatability, it does the same black screen thing as before, no crashing. All other options the same.
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Ok, this might not be the solution you are looking for, but right now (as I'm writing) Nox is 50% off. $3 for the game. Maybe repurchasing a version reworked to run under the right environment is the solution.

I can't help with the other issues, since I haven't had them, but I do own the gog version and have run it under Windows 7 successfully. I'm sorry I can't be of more use.
I think anomaly may well be right about buying the GOG version. I too have the original big box version and like you tried everything to get it to run on Win 7 with no luck. In the end I bought the game here and it runs like a charm - no problems, no hassle. It's a good time to buy it right now too with the 50% discount :)