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Well, I'm in chapter 10, findig my way through the last dungeon (supposedly), and have gotten myslef into a mix here... I am jumping around the portal maze (the one where every time you step onto a portal on the floor of the room you are sent to a different room). I have been through this for a bit, and have obtained all the chest times. Now I need out so I go move on to the next area. I tried using graph paper to map out each room and where the portal in that room would take me. But, if I step on a portal, go back, and step on it again, I am wisked away to a completely different room. Any help? (btw, I know about the hidden rooms, where you have to walk along a wall to open the passage to them).
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There are some YouTube videos that can help you out here.

Try this one:

Easiest path for Warrior is:
- Enter first portal
- Stay on the next portal (NW)
- Enter SW portal
- Get key from chest, new area opens up to the NW
- Enter portal with green floor (NW)

That's it! You're out of the maze.
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