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Is this thing still outstanding? When will we get a patched version of this (that will run on XP without manually hex editing the executables)?
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Changelog for Patch 1.03 / GOG-14 (Windows) (02 May 2017):

- The GOG offline installer files have been updated to have all of the languages, including Russian, available from one installer.


- Added GUI scaling option for use with very high display resolutions.


- Eliminated administrator mode dependency when installed into Program Files. Saved games, logs etc. are stored in the user’s AppData folder.
- Restored Windows XP compatibility.
- Fixed incorrect loading back of in-mission saves containing ship formations causing crash when the formation leader destroyed.
- Fixed unwanted activation of absolute ship movement when switching to Steam panel with Shift+Tab.


- Added the feature “optional mod”. These can be switched on/off individually and used along either the main campaign, multiplayer or any of the standalone mods overriding their models, textures, movies, sounds, missions etc.
- A standalone mod can be an alternation of the main campaign itself.
I'm glad that the patch finally arrived.
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Yes, very nice. I know a lot of people have been waiting a long time for this.
I was also one of those waiting, so...thank you very much for this.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3 B (11 May 2017)

- Minor bug fixes.
I'd like to think my message to GOG support is why we finally got the big patch, but it's probably not. I messaged them about updating Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy to the remastered version as well. We'll see what happens there.
Every time same bug:

3rd mission, Commandos goes to the asteroid space station, there are some massages from Commandos team and game crashes.

Patch needed