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We released a hotfix which fixes server stability issues, window handling issues and some achievement issues.

We also added initial HDR support for Nvidia GPUs.

Looking forward to release more fixes next week!

v1.04 0035.005 - June 29th, 2017
Hotfix 3

* Fixed issues with the server and leaderboards

* Crash fixes
* Added initial HDR support for Nvidia GPUs
* Added info pop up for "SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 capable CPU not detected"
* Fixed window handling issues
* Fixed borderless window
* Fixed window resolution changing from graphics options menu
* Fixed display option in graphics menu when using ALT+ENTER

* Fixed platinum achievement
* Fixed challenger achievement unlock logic
* Fixed player 2 achievement unlocking in local co-op (PS4 only)

* Added "reset to default" button to control mapping screen
* Fixed Challenge Over screen layout
* Fixed wrong friends filter button if "Friends only" was enabled last time
* Fixed some missing Chinese characters

* All v1.04 (Steam,, HumbleStore and PS4) builds are identical regarding gameplay / content (check the version number from game's main menu)
* This build was released on Steam and Also HumbleStore sells Steam keys.
Well, borderless windowed is fixed, just requires a restart of the game first time, for some reason it does not after that. It also acts properly, in that it does not stay on top when Window on Defocus is disabled. Good job.

Full-Screen still stays above all windows when Window on Defocus is disabled tho. Just thought I'd say.
hmq_jari_k: We released a hotfix which...
I don't see that hotfix in my library yet so I guess right now it's only available through Galaxy again.
I guess GOG needs to put it available for users who doesn't use the Galaxy.
We have released a hotfix for rendering issues which some of the players have been experiencing (geometry obstruction).

Changelog for v1.04 0037.005 (hotfix 4)

* Fixed geometry obstruction in rare cases
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