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deathknight1728: Bioware deserves all their staff to get aids for this haha!
deathknight1728: Until then Spiderweb Software makes better party based games then all of those jew companies.
deathknight1728: I get to Jnah the fucking jew and she pulls a hook nose trick on me.
Apologies for the thread drift, but wow - what a nasty little racist bastard you are...
Also (not directed at Crispy), don't feed the trolls...
Stephanus: Also (not directed at Crispy), don't feed the trolls...
Why? He just wants someone to point out where his tactics have failed in the game. It's a variation of this tactic and seems to be successful.
I think you need to consider the possibility that you just suck.
NWN the worst game? Are you still playing D&D out of books or something? Where's your head, man? I've played D&D games for quite a while now. I love the NWN series. I own the Diamond Edition and I have no complaints about it, and I think it's a super game. I look forward to getting NWN2 when I can. I also have the Baldur's Gate series, though I can honestly say I like NWN's playability a lot better. But they were also the forerunners. I've become so addicted to NWN that I put Dragon Age Origins aside for a while. And believe me when I say I am a big fan of that and TES Oblivion and Skyrim. There's just something I find very charming about NWN.