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Hey !

I'm having very annoying problem. After load or sometimes after rest my companions switch weapons. For example Khelgar has dwarven axe and shield eqqiped and in inventory great sword, and booom suddenly he switch weapons. Whats even more strange there was a situation that suddenly after load my druid was using that great sword although she didn't even have it in inventory.
Another problem (related i think) when i open my main or NPC inventory i dont see any armors equipped or they have other things in inventory than in hand (eg. in inv ranger has great sword, but on model you see dual weapons).
Its super annoying because i have to manually reswitch weapons or equip other one just to see it in inventory.

Anyone faced similar problems ? I'm usign some mods:
Tchos' HD UI panels and dialogue compilation and expansion
Tchos' HD Widescreen Menu & Loading Screen

I tried to delete all mods but it didn't help.

P.S. I hope i made myself clear. English is not my native language.
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The NWN 2 Companion and Monster AI may help with some of your issues. I had to check around to determine if this was for NWN 1 or NWN 2. Since I haven't gone too far in NWN 2 yet, I haven't yet had problems with my companions switching weapons. The AI I link to above should help somewhat, or it may solve the problem for you. Maybe someone else more knowledgeable will chime in later.