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I just started playing last week and made it to the beginning of Chapter 2 before syncing saves so I could play at home and at work.

The saves that showed up at home were outdated, so I didn't even load them to play. I just tried back at work again, and now my saves won't show up in the load game menu. Anybody know any way to get it working again?
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I have the same Problem, too :(
I have the exact same issue. Does anyone know of a solution?
Same here. (I do not play from more stations though)

Only hopeful thing I found on Internet was the pictures become corrupted (which is probably truth as I see only white square instead picture at savegame) - hence delete portraits.tga should help - but it did not for me.

I believe the savegame is corrupted somehow, not only "not visible", because even rename it or put files to different does not work.

Only workaround I found was to save game to new manual savefile at end of each gameplay session - next time I played this save remained, but all other were lost (namely quicksave, autosave..) I was able finish SoU this way during few days. But last time save I made in original campaign was lsot as well, so game is unplayable for me atm:/
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Are people launching through Galaxy?

I have been playing NWN since 2003 and I have never seen this problem and really it only seems that we get reports of it this past year. I wonder if this has to do with adding GoG Galaxy functionality.

I don't use Galaxy.
I do not use Galaxy.