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rranger11zz: i would like to request keys, so i can play online neverwinter nights..
All CD-key requests are handled by our Support Team, so please contact them if you haven't already.
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This is normal behavior, but we're planning to change the support process somewhat from the user's perspective (and a lot from my perspective). This includes confirmation e-mails.

You will get your key shortly, JuriJ should already be on it.
thegiantsnapper: I need my cd key for multi-player I requested one about a month ago from support and never heard jack shit
That may be the case, but it doesn't mean that we didn't get back to you.

As far as I can tell, the e-mail was undelivered because no mailbox exists under the e-mail address you set up on your account. Now that i look at it, it looks like you made a typo, but I might be wrong.

Please double-check your account's settings and send me a PM.
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phereous: Can I have a cd key - the one you sent doesnt work. I need online - please!
Just to clarify, did you replace the nwncdkey.ini file in NWN's folder as per the instructions in my colleague's e-mail?

metalsheep7: Hello i would like to request a CD key too please, just made my purchase over 12 hours ago.
You should send a support ticket with the key request. We'll get it sorted out ASAP.
lovedbyyendis: I am in need of a CD key.
Please use the Support form to request CD keys. We will add NWN to our automated system as soon as we can, but in the meantime Support is the only way to get a key.

You need to go here:
And click the "I can't find solution (...)" link on the right. That will get you to the right form.
lightfoot8: Since this thread is being misinterpreted so many times, can we perhaps just lock the thread? With the correct information in the last post.
Yep. My idea was: reply, edit the original post, if there are still more key requests in the thread - lock it. ;)