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Just looking for some input from Linux users who have played the Linux version of this game available here on GOG. How well does it run, how do you like it, any problems? Etc..
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I've played hundreds of hours on Linux on several systems, mostly old hardware and it plays fine. Over the years there have been strange bugs that have come and gone as Beamdog continued to make enhancements but nothing major. For example at one point you couldn't exit the game, the process would just hang. That bug was specific to Linux. But I think they're done now, and it seems to be in a pretty good spot.

I've gotten it to work with both Intel graphics (settings tweaked) and on pretty low NVIDIA cards, GT 1030, GTX 960 maybe even a 640 I think. It runs solid.

But - two points:

1. I haven't played the very latest version (1.86.9193.34). Mostly because it's not available on GOG. I just checked before typing this up and at least I don't see it in my account. It's available for Windows, but not Linux. The last version released for Linux on GOG is 1.86.9193.33. With that version I've only played a handful of hours, but I haven't seen any issues.

2. I saw a couple of recent reviews complaining about a memory leak in the Linux version. I haven't noticed this issue myself - not sure what to say, but wanted to point it out.

3. The toolset doesn't run in Linux, but works fine in Wine.

Regarding the latest version, The .33 version should still be compatible with any persistent world if you care to join, but it bugs me that GOG doesn't have the latest yet and 8193.34 has been out for quite some time, nearly a year. I'll probably send an email to either GOG or Beamdog support to see what's going on with it.
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The offline installers for each platform contain binaries for all platforms. So you can just download and install the windoes version using wine and copy the whole thing over your linux install, then in the game/ subfolder.
You'll then have the latest .34 version, linux native, which solves point 1) and 2), and that runs and works just fine!

Has not been fixed yet to my knowledge or do you have access to one of these branches on steam: testing, preview or oldpreview (non public branches) and was introduced WAAAY back in .24 the game pollutes Inodes (dentries).


There are workarounds to that problem but they should be considered potentially dangerous to overall system stability and might lead to data loss in some circumstances if you do not know what they implicate so I will not indulge you how to apply them ;)
The .34 changelog mentions two resman memleak fixes, which is why I assumed that has been fixed.
But I just played a bit, and the virtual process size grew to 17gb... It feels like it takes longer than with .33, but yeah, there're definitely more serious leaks :\