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Okay look, I'm going to be straight with this. I SUCK AT COMPUTERS. Lingo, editing, how to do this, or that, I plain suck at this so HELP me because the e-mail I got could not get anymore followed:


Please extract the attachment and replace the nwncdkey.ini file located in the Neverwinter Nights Diamond game folder. Next, please go to your My Account page and find the "premium modules re-nstaller", found in the game's "downloads for this game" section. Download this file and install it. The modules will now be adapted to the new CD keys.

Regards, Support

OKAY: My problem. I don't know HOW to extract the attachment, I download it and then I can't open it. B...I can't find the NWN game folder! Did it have one? C...Wtf am I suppose to do?

I'm really anxious as hell to play, but I've waited patiently thinking once I get the e-mail everything will be dandy. Now I'm even MORE anxious to's in my hands! I just can't do it yet.

Please help someone.
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no problem, thats why were here.

the CD-Key should come in a .zip file, if double clicking on it does not work, try right clicking and clicking open with WinRAR. If thats not there download 7-Zip(like WinRAR but better and Free) from here (click on the first download link to download it, then run the exe to install). Once that is installed, you may need to restart, but then right click on the .zip file with the CD key(the one from the email, you should be able to save it to your computer), then click 7-Zip and then extract here. You should now have a cd key file there(its the one without the .zip extension. You then want to copy this to your game folder, which is probably in C:\Program Files\\Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition . It will ask you if you are sure that you want to over right, select yes and your DONE!!!!!!!!!

Also, you can play offline without even having a CD-Key, so if your really anxious you can just do that(although its a bit late now I assume.

I wrote these assuming you use XP, they may change very slightly if you are not, in which case just post again with what you are using.

If you have any other questions just ask!

Oh, I forgot to add, you will need to reinstall the expansions to work with the new cd-key. To do this, grab the expansion re-installer from gog(it should be under the extras in NWN on your shelf under my account). Then extract this like you did with the CD-Key(Right Click->7-Zip->Extract here), then run what you extracted(should be an .exe file).
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It's a ASPX File, whatever the hell that is...and I have Windows 7, and all the things you said didn't make sense.


^That right there is what this looks like in wordpad... So I'm going to try to do what you said, but if it doesn't work, I'll be right back reading your next response =D


Okay, it did not work. I don't even know how to use the thing you said to download! This is so FRUSTRATING! And stupid, can you actually call me? Haha, I know it sounds stupid, but I'm ready to get this over with, or some kind of chat room.

EDIT: Furthermore 7-zip says Operation is not supported, every single time I click on something...Ugh..

EDIT: Third edit....Wooo!!! Anyways..I was clicking around, probably causing all kinds of damage, but then it worked! Now I have to figure out how to replace the files...I'm bad at this, but thanks for the help!!!
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Glad its starting to work out, if you really want to call me, sign up for gogpm(you can find it here: ), and I'll send you my number.
Everything's swell *grins*