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So, here's the skinny. Downloaded NWN2 onto my base unit, running Win8, but it gets roughly 90% through the install and says that the installation is corrupted.
I move the /exact same/ files over to my Win7 laptop (not redownloaded, EXACT same files) and it installed.

Now I'm not down with massive techno wizardry, but I've run chkdsk and I've used MemTest to make sure everythings good and upright - and it is. I also couldn't find anything saying the game isn't Win8 compat, and have tried installing it under compatibility mode for Win7 (the GoG installer has also installed fine on Win8 for me with BG2/IWD2).

Anyone with any idea where to go from here?

Edit: NEVERMIND! It only went and freakin' did it under Win7 Compat Admin Mode after the umpteenth time.
Post edited July 02, 2013 by Rivuzu