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Just curious if people know of any good mods to help improve the basic game (the OC and expansion OCs)? Tweaks, UI, bug fixes, restored content, AI, etc.

I already know about the nexus and the vault, but there are so many mods on those sites it's hard to know which ones are really the good ones.

I'm looking for a similar list like those found in the Baldur's Gates forums.
There are too many to list...bu here a few:

Better Head-Meshes
HD- Widescreen UI Menu + Loading Screens
Overhauled UI's
Icewind Dale goes NWN2

Toe above mentioned mods can be found here:


And here the Best of list:
You cannot do wrong with the first 51Hall of Fame module.

I'm afraid none can take the load of your back. You'll have to invest some time looking tru nexus and the vault.
Too many choices! ;)

You may want to check out


Fixed links :)
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Always nice to see some good mods. I played this game a few ywars ago and recently bought the full package here at GoG. Its all coming back to me, ahh...

Unfortunately, the problems with the control scheme are also coming back to me. I managed to get used to them last time I played, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any mods that might help me with a particular gripe I have - i.e. in relation to the keyboard controls for moving your characters.

I know, its point and click, and normally I use that. However in some situaitons i prefer to use the WASD keys to get someone into postiion. In most games, W is up, S is down and A, D are left and right. However, in this game W is forward, S is back and A and D are rotate left and right. Its very clunky. So, in a nutshell, does anyone know of a mod that will change the key controls to a more 'normal' arrangement?
The OC Romance Pack is one of my favorites: http://www.gibberlings3.net/nwn2rom/
i personally think the original campaign stands fine on it's own and only run bug-fixes.

this one corrects a very, very large number of bugs and errors with the spell listing - wrong damage values, spells that last too long or not long enough, things like that. worth it just for the fix to magic circle against alignment, which as-is can result in your party ending up with these effects permanently with your main character unable to use it at all.

this is a fix for deekin's inventory. his merchandise is supposed to go through a few upgrades but never does unless corrected. it also restores a few dialog paths with him, and can prevent you from losing access to his inventory (a common bug)

at one point, it's possible to recruit a golem for your party. through dialog and your alchemy skill, it's possible to upgrade it, though the upgrades in-game manifest incorrectly, much weaker than was intended. this corrects that.
In case anyone, like I was, is looking of any of these, IGN took down all of their NWN2 mods. So if anyone else finds things, you may want to post here.
myxale: Better Head-Meshes

HD- Widescreen UI Menu + Loading Screens

Overhauled UI's

Icewind Dale goes NWN2

You may want to check out
For the Nexus links above, you have to change "neverwinter.nexusmods.com" to "www.nexusmods.com/neverwinter2". The links should work that way.