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I'm looking to take Aluvian Darkstar out of the box and into the realms soon. I'll be playing through SoU, HotU, then, if it's fun enough and possible even, I'll take her the rest of the way to 40th level in Infinite Dungeons. At the end, she'll be a 23 WIZ/12 AA/5 HS. She'll have 30 dexterity, 20 intelligence, 27 naked AC, and a base Attack Bonus of 43/38/33. I'm decently happy with her, so far, but I really have no clue about playing a caster in the epic levels.

I'm considering leveling her to 20th as a wizard before taking on the other classes. The spell casting feats that I'm leaning towards, if I go this route, are Extend Spell, Empower Spell, Spell Penetration, then Greater Spell Penetration. This would only leave me room for one epic level spell casting feat, though, and I'm at a total loss which one would be best. She'll be maxed out or near max in Concentration and Discipline and I certainly don't plan on keeping her in the front lines. Yet, there are certain to be times where she's getting beat upon with minimal buffs. Will she be getting interrupted frequently if I don't take Improved Combat Casting? I'm leaning towards Epic Spell Penetration, but I was hoping to hear from more experienced players first.

Another option might be to the 19th through 23rd wizard levels all in the epic levels. I'd probably drop Extend Spell or Empowered Spell if I go this route, then pick up both Improved Combat Casting and Epic Spell Penetration. As a 23rd wizard with twenty intelligence, will her offensive spell casting be decent enough for typical use on most mobs? I don't have plans to pvp at all with her. I'd like to stick to this build if it's feasible, but I'm certainly open to and asking for advice on any spell casting feats here. Any suggestions, feedback, and help is greatly appreciated.