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Just like the topic indicates, I'm new to D&D gaming and never played these when they originally came out. I'd like to experience these games (mostly) how they were when they were released with one caveat: borderline-required bug fixes, resolution/screen fixes, etc.

Are there any?

I understand there is are a ton of fan-made modules, but I want to do complete runs of both games (and their expansions) before getting into that stuff.


EDIT: I would be interested in playing official mod content as well. Am I right in thinking that premium modules were "official" in some capacity. This page here seems to suggest this.
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There's absolutely no problem with playing NWN 1 and 2 vanilla, no fixes needed. The fan-created stuff is mostly stand-alone.

The premium modules were indeed official, and sold as their own stand-alone products for a time. I believe the original intent was to produce an episodic content model, but it never took off. This is particularly noticeable with Witch's Wake and Shadowguard, since "part 2" never got made for either of these and the main plotline remains unresolved. Kingmaker is better; it leaves some loose ends, but the main plotline resolves cleanly and doesn't need continuation to feel like a satisfying conclusion.