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I've noticed with the recent Nvidia drivers, there seems to be an issue which causes cloaks to not appear. Seems pretty solidly confirmed to be an issue with the drivers, since rolling back to a previous one fixed the issue completely.

What's really strange, though, is that cloaks will eventually appear, you just have to pass through two area transitions first. Messing with settings in the .ini files and in the video settings doesn't seem to have any effect on it.


edit: Forgot to mention this is in NWN1, haven't played NWN2 so I wouldn't know if it's affecting things there.
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I resolved this issue last night on my machine. Here is my post from the Avlis forums...

"The most recent Nvidia updates (388.00 and 387.92) did a number on NWN, and I've heard that a couple of other people have had similar issues.
Symptoms include cloaks and torsos disappearing, intermittent crashes to desktop, and main menu tomfoolery.

Rolled back my drivers to v385.69 (21 Sep 2017), and viola! Works like a charm.

I'm running Win7 64 with a GTX 980 TI

Hope this helps someone!"
Same problem here, my character's robes are invisible. Solved by using the Nvidia control panel to tell it to use the integrated chipset for this game. I figure NWN is old enough that the Intel thing will be sufficient for that game.

I found an older thread about the issue, too, which has more than a few links; but they're old and seem dead:
It says disabling environment shadows can fix the bug, but then again, it'll also disable environment shadows. I'll just keep using the integrated chipset as long as performances don't seem to suffer.
I've also trouble with the newest Nvidia Driver. I used the Project Q- mod and in the Prison Main floor area, there were two Guard dogs. But with the newest Nvidia Driver, you can only see the lower-jaw of those dogs. The rest of it is invisible or something. Very Weird. So i decided to install the older Nvidia driver (version 385.41) and voila. The dogs are now dogs and not just a lower jaw.
Someone should open a bug with Nvidia. (I don't have one the affected cards).

NWN is so old that it won't get automatically tested by NVidia. The only way you are likely to get this kind of driver bug fixed for NWN, is to report it to NVidia.
There is a new update of the Nvidia driver (version 388.13). So is it now stable for Neverwinter Nights or not? We Shall see.
Robed characters are still wearing an invisibility cloak (only head and hands are shown). Amusingly the shadow for the invisible body is still rendered...
You can (and should) let NVIDIA know about this using this:

Like PeterScott said, they don't test as old games as NWN and in all likelyhood don't know anything is wrong unless they are told so. And even then old games aren't exactly a priority for them, so the more report about this the better.
Also the same problem in versien 388.31>. I've already send a NVIDIA Driver Feedback. And installed version 385.41 of the Nvidia driver. It seems that everyone has trouble with this version. It's doesn't matter which game it is. If it's Neverwinter Nights or Duke Nukem 3D etc. Every game has this strange issue. Mine is still with those Guard Dogs. But now it's a floating head and two visible paws. I thought that Nvidia would tested first before they will make it accesible for users to download it.
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As previous posters have said, I've posted to the driver quality assurance thing. Hopefully that'll get us somewhere.
Changing your ingame resolution to something else and back seems to fix this, for me at least.

Not a proper fix either, but still.
TehBastage: As previous posters have said, I've posted to the driver quality assurance thing. Hopefully that'll get us somewhere.
I did that also. But why doesn't they checking this before they put the file online? I mean: in the early versionsd, there was no trouble and now there are graphical issues in the game (with version 388.**). Very weird.
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I had NWN Diamond Edition installed for a while now, but haven't started it. I just played a bit with character creation and then left it on the shelf and played something else. Seeing yesterdays news about NWN:EE made me a bit nostalgic and I revisited it. Surprise, CTD before even reaching the main menu. I have the latest Nvidia Driver 388.13, playing on GTX 970.

I've manage to fix the problem by making the following change to the driver:

In NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> tab Program Settings. I've added Neverwinter Nights (nwmain.exe) and made just one change in the "Specify the settings for this program":
Antialiasing - Gamma correction -> Off. (it was on On).

Now I can fire up the game and I even started a campaign without any issues. I don't know if this fixes the issue with invisible cloaks, but it fixes my CDT issue.

Hope this helps somebody.
Apparently the latest driver version 390.77 that was released today fixes the disappearing graphics issue, at least the release notes say they do.