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I've been enjoying this game a lot so far and wanted to dl and install the CEP mod so I could play the CEP modules. I found it at the NWN Vault and downloaded it and then the .doc tells me that I need to transfer the included files to the .erf, folder, etc. Which I apparently don't have..

Does anyone else know how to do this, or better yet, a place I can get the CEP with a self installer?
ERF files are only needed if you are going to build a module of your own.

You probably dont need theese at all. could always create a folder called ERF in the NWN folder...but I recomend you just leave the ERF files out for now.

Concentrate on putting the HAK files in the HAK folder instead. And the TLK files in the TLK folder....and so on....
SOme possible folders are not created on install. ERF and TLk being the important ones (that I can remember right now *grin*).

As Superfly said, you only don't need to bother with erfs if you simply want to play modules. The only thing you need to care about are module HAKs and TLK files. Lots of modules have haks so it'll become 2nd nature soon *grin*

CEP has a .tlk file so you may need to create a folder called "tlk" in your NWN folder (no quotes).

Everything else will end in .hak and needs to go in the hak folder.

Module in the modules folder and off you go. :)

Have fun :)

(Btw, if none of this makes sense then post the link to the CEP file you downloaded... maybe you got the wrong file.) ;)
Did you d/l a mod that uses the CEP Hak? A module needs to be "told" to use the Hak. There are plenty of custom mods that use the CEP Hak. But the OC and SoU/HotU do not use them.
Thanks for all the help everyone. I just moved the files over and tried out some of the CEP "sample" adventures that give you a taste of what it can do. I haven't dl any modules yet, but I'm going to take a look this weekend. I had a friend tell me he believed there were even some Dragonlance conversions available. (yes I know the FR are great but I'll take Raistlin over Elminster any day, after all Raistlin killed and took the place of a god whereas El just became one's 'pool boy') :)Thanks again for the help everyone.
!.! i guess i know what im playing now :P