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Greetings to all. I just found a copy of Neverwinter Nights in my favorite Thrift Shop and before getting started I want to add a set of popular mods and fixes. Additional RP content, NPCs with interesting backstories and dramatic mini-quests would be great. Zaniness and quirky humor appreciated.

Not particularly interested in increasing the level of difficulty or in romances. Mostly interested in Neutral characters that mostly tend towards the good but my be tempted here and there...

I have experience of playing the Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II games. But am definitely no expert. Thanks!
See this thread:

"Mods" in NWN are different from what you're used to and most of the custom stuff is for the custom campaigns and worlds (many of which are better than the official campaigns).
I'm not sure, but I think this guy's after what Baldur's Gate fans call "NPC mods".

These are fan-made NPCs who can join the party and have their owns quests, likes and dislikes, interjections, banter, romances and stuff like that.

I haven't seen anything like that for the NWN OC, SoU or HotU, but I've never really looked into it so I guess there may be some out there.

But I agree with Magical Master's sentiment, if you wanna meet and adventure with different companions, you could just play something like Aielund Saga or Swordflight2, both of which give the official content a run for it's money. Many other modules have companions, too.

I think that's the big difference between BG and NWN modding communities; the former never had a proper toolset (and stuff like Near Infinity was never user-friendly or powerful as the Aurora toolset), so the IE community was limited in what they could do (I know, let's put our own NPC into the game and bore everyone with college humor!). But with a toolset, many serious modders made their own worlds with original stories, lore, characters, art assets, music, rules and who knows what else.