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Each time I run NWN EE I have to toggle on High Resolution Fonts again, as the game does not seem to remember that I already did that last time. When I go to the multiplayer server list, it also doesn't remember if I mark a server as a favorite. It even forgets that setting within the same session, e.g. select server as favorite, connect to server, quit to main menu, go back to server list -> favorites tab is empty again.

Any idea what could be causing this?

EDIT: Also, when I quit and check nwn.ini in the Documents folder, it is still set (UseLargeFont=1), but when I start NWN EE, the line in nwn.ini reads UseLargeFont=0 again, so the game seems to revert the changes or override the nwn.ini on start. At the same time, other options don't seem to be affected. For example, if I manually edit nwn.ini to change DisableIntroMovies=1 or =0, the change is permanent. Or if in-game I toggle on or off Shiny Water or VSync, right above the high resolution font option, those changes are permanent, too. Really weird.
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