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I requested two weeks ago... No reply since... then again I requested 2 days ago... No reply since...
Is the game shipping with new cd-keys right now? because i bought it yesterday, installed today, I have three keys in my nwncdkey.ini, and when i tried multiplayer today, using my old account from the bioware forums, i managed to connect to a server without problems, and then i saw that the three keys where automatically registered in my bioware account.

I mean, everything worked automatically for me, so I don't know if the information in the game page in gog about requesting a cd-key for multiplayer is outdated, I just wanted to be sure...

Edit: tried with another server and now it's giving me a "your cd-key is still in use, wait 5 minutes", so it seems the shipped key was not unique. Is there a server option that checks cd-keys uniqueness?

I've requested unique keys anyway.

Edit again: I have read in the old bioware forums that the above message can be caused by gamespy...I have tried again and now i can connect to servers, so i don't understand if I have a unique key or not :S
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I have also sent two emails with no response. Just trying to get CD Keys so that I can log on and play. This was the whole reason I downloaded it so that I would not have to run to the store and wait. Now it seems I should have done that. I could have been playing a week ago!
Ok, I must admit, a life long gamer, but first PC game here so its NEW to me. I requested my Keys, got them, I put them in the website so I registered them, done. I downloaded the Kingsmaker and installed it, and it will still not let me play online! Did I do something wrong? Thank you for all your help!
just wonder if after the time stated, the key comes from the game.
I do not mind waiting three days to play, because here in Brazil do not think at all the "NWN"to buy.
to wait for three days said, I can play "NWN" "Multyplayer" without problems?

Sorry my English is not very good.

you might wanna put that you cant play it on lan without a cd-key either i just wasted 10 dollars
My CD key was send next buisnys day after my request so I am really comfortable with support. Thanks a lot.
I recieved my cd key very quickly, thanks.
had a problem, but fixed it i think.
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I requested for my CD-Key on 15 June and they have not even reply to my request or given me my CD-key. I am still waiting for my CD key
guys i have the same problem... I purchased the game and have not received the CD key.. I hope they had solved the problem quickly : )
Same Here, almost a Week waiting for my Cd-Key.
+1 same prolem, though waiting for only 2 days
Same. Waiting 6 days and so far no reply and no CD key.
Until authentication server is down you probably won't be able to register keys anyway.
Also waiting for a key, just waited for ~24 hours but I'd like to have it asap either way. : )