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I'm in the same boat. I finally got the game to work but I can't get the opening movie to play properly. I hear the sound but get no movie.

With that bink file no longer available for download how am I supposed to fix it?

I already tried changing the safemovie option in the .ini file to 1 and it didn't work, and I can't figure out how to play the game in windowed mode. Also the solution on the AMD forums is no longer available as there is nothing in the link, so the thread must no longer exist.

I need some help to figure this out how to get it to work.
I've managed to get hold of that elusive fixed DLL and a friend of mine is kind enough to host it:
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On win7 x64 SP1.
Using the binkw32 fixed file for ATI (along with setting it to disable desktop composition and run as administrator) works but only if I use safevideo=0.
If I combine it with the safevideo=1 it crashes.
This works well unless you are having the problem with character textures not loading properly (Silver Surfer look). If you install the 1.69 patch (again), it fixes the textures but seems to mess up the movies again, and the above suggestions no longer work. This thread has another post by me for more details.

Viewing the movies outside the game still works.
Lyeengray: I've managed to get hold of that elusive fixed DLL and a friend of mine is kind enough to host it:
That worked wonderfully, thanks so much!
I have win 8 and I can not see the videos T_T
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I want to thank Nacimota for the dlls and Lyeengray for rehosting it!!

I didn't even need to use safevideo=0 in my nwn.ini.
soulrick: I have win 8 and I can not see the videos T_T
I am also running W8. Changing to SafeMovie=1 in nwn.ini worked for me.
had issues with video not playing as well.

binkw32 dll fix kept crashing my game. i tried it on both safemovie 1 and 0. so i reinstalled the original binkw32 dll file installed with the game and set safemovie to 2 and everything works fine. something to try for anyone still having issues.

vista 64, ati hd 3200 laptop.
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btw, do u guys ever try to play it on main menu?? after change safe movie to 1, its work on game, but when i go to main menu there watch the movie, still the movie wont appear but jz the sound >_< any solution?
steamowl: btw, do u guys ever try to play it on main menu?? after change safe movie to 1, its work on game, but when i go to main menu there watch the movie, still the movie wont appear but jz the sound >_< any solution?
I'm having this same issue. The opening movie that plays when you start the game sputters and jerks for me as well as pauses intermittently. I tried setting Safe Movie=1 and the Dll fix to no avail.

Any ideas? I'm on windows 7 with an ATI card.
I'm using Windows 8.1 with AMD Radeon 7950

Using Windows XP compatibility mode. the intro movies play fine, the game seems to plays fine, but cutscenes do not play

I tried the dll, that did not work, just resulted in a black screen instead of a cutscene, sound played ok.
Removed the dll and reset the name of the old dll.

Tried setting safemovie=1 in nwn.ini and that worked 100%

Yay works! :)

PS I had a major brainfart at first, changing the settings of the nwn.ini of Neverwinter Nights 2, I didn't notice!

So folks, ahem, make sure you're working with the *correct* Neverwinter Nights install folder (blush)
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Greetings GOG Community,

This is my first post ever on the forums, so I wanted to make sure I was able to contribute as much useful information as possible. Currently running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition on an AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 quad-core machine with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. My video card is a dated Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT with the latest drivers installed. Funny story about how I solved my cutscene issue: After repeated visits to this thread and trying every possible solution mentioned, I finally resigned to just Alt+Tabbing my way through the game after each campaign video had finished playing. One night when I concluded my weekly virus scan, I fired up NWN to start a new original campaign. Imagine how overjoyed I was when not only did the cutscene play like normal (the cursor phased out of view instead of staying onscreen), but the game resumed after the video had finished playing.

After exiting the game, I right-clicked the "Computer" icon on my desktop and left-clicked the "Properties" option in the prompt. I discovered that I had forgotten to turn System Protection back on after turning it off temporarily just before conducting a virus scan on my machine. I was able to both re-create and resolve the same issue by turning System Protection back on, allowing Windows to create restore points and shadow copies of files over time, running NWN, playing the campaign movies with the issue this time, exiting, turning off System Protection, running NWN again, and finally watching the campaign movies/cutscenes without the issue. For those of you still having trouble playing the movies, there is still hope.

Note that since implementing this potential solution, I am no longer running the game using compatibility mode and I have enabled Desktop Composition for NWMain.exe. Also note that my copy of Neverwinter Nights is not the GOG copy, but the retail copy that was originally released in 2002. Bought NWN Vanilla from Sam's Club, and both SoU and HotU from Electronics Boutique/EB Games. My game is patched only to version 1.67, as I firmly believe 1.68 royally FUBAR'ed the way certain combat feats behave and 1.69 failed to properly restore them. Hope this helps, and happy gaming to all. Please pardon the preceding wall of text. Thank you.
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very informative thread :) Thank you everyone for the input
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but if all of the above fixes did not solve your problem, make sure you check your sound card/driver settings.

I had my default bit depth and sample rate set at 24 and 48 respectively. Videos where a choppy mess.

After reading through a number of bink video issue threads on a number of older games, it was suggested to ensure your sound card drivers where updated and set to the default settings (i.e. 16 bit depth and 44.1 sample rate).

When I set mine back to the default settings, the videos played fine.

So along with all the changes above, ensure your sound card settings are set properly for older games.