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Leroux: Do you mean Knights of the Chalice, by chance? That would be a party-based RPG though (and IIRC you're rather detached from your characters).
No, the graphics are not as I remember.
The main I thing I remember that they used a system like D&D, but covered by GNU or similar. The article I read was mainly about this and how the devs incorporated it and similar. But the graphics did definitely (at least as far as I remember :D ) look far more modern.

Problem is, I don't even remember if I read this thing online or in a paper magazine, in English or German :D
So quit a bit to cover :D

This article was also about IIRC that the devs were struggling with Wizards of coast, despite the fact that they did use this free version. One thing I am fairly sure about this alternative was covered by GNU and not open game License.

again AFAIR it was mainly about the D20 system, which in now way is really owned by Wizard as D20 dices did exist prior. Even I remember using them faaaar before ;)


And according to this:

D20 is definitely not longer under any copyright or whatsoever (300 BCE) :D

But even this did not even help me find this alternative. :(

Edit: no bloody idea why one link is working and the other one isn't.....GOG aaaarg ;)
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darthvictorbr: Note : NWN1, not NWN2.

I personally like nwn1 since you control/role play a character, you can give orders to your merc, can use summons, but you can't take control of another party characters and that make the game more immersive. I feel more like "i an my character".
Fallout and Fallout 2. You have companions but only very limited control of what they do. Ian shooting you in the back is infamous in Fallout. Fallout 2 increased indirect control of companions; as such, they were much more useful.

You can find more comments on Fallout companions in the comments section of this post: