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I wanna re play nwn2 but in hardest difficulty and due the lack of defensive spells, combat familiar and etc, play as a sorcerer was being a hell. In nwn1, i have completed the OC on hardest difficulty without any problem, but only completed nwn2 on normal, so there are a hakpak that :

1 - Brings combat familiars back, druids have, sorcs should have too.

2 - (un) nerf spells like Evard's black tentacles that can get 20+d4+1 tentacles at lv 20 in nwn1 compared to 4 tentacles in nwn2 (source )

3 - Bring defensive spells back

Like Za warudo(time stop), Mestil's acid breath...
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1)You pretty much can't bring fighting familiar back as familiar ai hardcoded. As a workaround someone might give animal companion progressions, but many caster builds in nwn2 love their beetle or bat for skill bonuses
2)There are no modules that unbalance spells, but there is a apell fixes mod that bring spells closer to PNP. Doesn't matter through since sorry is still has the biggest dpr in game
3)There is a Kaedrin pack that add a ton of spells but even it doesn't have a times top(through it has spells that deliver sneak dice. Not that it matters in crit immune galore of nwn2 OC and MoTB.) And frankly it doesn't exactly needed since you can have spells like premonition and Iron Body/has chaimail+2 from Eldritch knight/can get hips from sd1/can get divine shield from pal4/bg3
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Thanks for the answer, but there are any mod that brings druid familiars to sorc? Also, i will search this mods.

EDIT : This spell fixes apparently fixes warlock too
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none that I know

Just know - spell fixes are incompatible with Kaedrin, while K fix a lot of stuff in opther feats(like working uncanny dodge and working expert tactician)