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Paul31286: I've got a bit of a weird problem after installing the patch for this game. For some reason, the patch deletes the files "goggame-1207665993.dll" and "goggame-1207665993.ico", the latter being the file that contains the desktop icon. I therefore had to manually switch over to the icon contained in the game's executable, "nightmare.exe".

SInce I like the round desktop icons made by GOG (and don't want this to be the only one to stand out on my desktop), I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, made a backup of the icon, then patched the game, and tried to use the GOG-made icon, but it doesn't work anymore. After patching the game the first time, the icon made by the GOG team is unusable in both the pre-patch and the post-patch version of the game.

Something must've gone wrong with the patch, right? I know it's only a minor problem, but I would still appreciate a fix.
Please re-download the patch :) We've uploaded a new patch installer (same version number and all) that should no longer break the desktop icon :)