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GOG and SCUMM note the following, re. how to re-name your old GOG -Riven saved games to the current GOG-latest SCUMM version of Riven:
- Rename the saved game to 'riven-xxx.rvn'
- Saves from the CD and DVD edition are not interchangeable
After reading the above, I renamed my 30 or so saved games from when I last played Riven on GOG a few years ago (before SCUMM was used to play Riven on GOG), using the re-naming method listed above.
For instance: one of my old GOG-Riven saved games was titled something like "30_go into school" or something like that. I made a copy of that save and re-named the copy "riven-030.rvn", placing it into the latest Riven saved game folder.
However, when loading the list of saved games in my GOG-Riven game, this newly-renamed/titled save game is shown, but is greyed-out. I can play RIVEN and save games while progressing, and THESE (new) saved games show up in my SCUMM list of saves to load in the game, and of course are NOT greyed out, and ready to load properly. But re-naming my OLD saves does NOT work.
When trying to call up these newly-renamed/titled, and greyed-out saved-game lines, I also get the following error message:
"Unknown error (Saved game created using an incompatible game version_ CD vs DVD)".
So I take this to mean I can NEVER re-use my saved games from Riven; the same Riven game I played on GOG just a couple of years ago, before they changed RIVEN to use the SCUMM saving version?
This is the same GOG version of Riven I've ALWAYS played (until a few years ago, of course) on my PC(s). Not loaded off of CD OR DVD, but always used from my original GOG installation of the game.
But because of SCUMM, I can't re-use my old saved games, apparently IS there a way to get around this without re-playing the game in its entirety, saving as I go?
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