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Has anyone else the problem that the wire tuning doesn't work? Although I am sure I have the correct settings, the wires still give the same awful sounds. I even played around a bit, went through all possible settings for one of the wires, no change at any position ... then reverted to what I know are the correct tuning settings, entered what I know is the correct setting for vibration of the blue crystal (all cross-checked with my old solution notes because I got desperate enough to dig them out), but nothing happens ... to me it seems like for some reason, the tuning is not taken over, and I have no idea why this could happen. However, I wanted to check with the community before bothering the support when maybe I'm just doing something wrong, forgetting a step or whatever ...

Any ideas?
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Remember that for each cable, the initial position is 1 not 0.
theRealXCV: Remember that for each cable, the initial position is 1 not 0.
I know that. I even tried both variants, just to be sure they didn't change that for some reason. I even tried all positions on one of the cables ... it' s as if something is missing that makes the system take it over.

P.S.: OK, tried it again this morning, and this time it just works. I am pretty sure I didn't do anything differently ... maybe some process had hung up or something last night. Anyway ... solved ... :)
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