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I just installed Myst III (I had started playing it on disk years ago, but never finished and lost the disk) and when I got to this thing I noticed it was actually subtitling the environmental audio. I don't think I remember that being in the original, was it added?

And if so, is there any way to turn it off? I understand it as an accessibility feature, or was added to make some really bullshit audio puzzles I haven't come across yet easier. However, as someone who actually kinda enjoys audio puzzles, I can't help but feel like these hints kinda spoil the aspect of mystified discovery somewhat. They clue you in instantly as to what you're hearing and what its significance is. (Plus, they're an "adventure-gamey" aspect that seems out of place in the Myst "lost in an alien world with no instructions" feel)

If it was added by the GoG team as part of its updating the game to work on modern systems, is there any way to turn it off? I'd expect it to be controlled by, say, the subtitle options, but I've set subtitles to off and it's still doing this.

Alternatively, am I just crazy and were those always there?
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Just bought this game after originally playing it many years ago like yourself (and losing the disc)

I noticed the exact same thing and went hunting into the settings to find a way to turn it off... couldn't find it.