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This is basically the same game you played with earlier versions of "Myst", but it's far more immersive than any other version.
Textures are more realistic, especially with terrains, there's full realtime 3d movement, and moving water, drifting clouds, day/night cycles, and various forms of ambient life add a lot to the sense that the worlds of Myst are real places.
You can walk through these worlds and they seem fresh and new the second time around. They seem more, well, real. Not only this, but at the end of the game there's a new world to access, called Rime, and new puzzles associated with it, which weren't in the original Myst.
Kudos to Cyan Worlds for putting this game here - it's way, WAY more reasonably priced than getting it from, and doesn't require a monthly subscription like you'd need to play it on Gametap.