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I think it was an intermittent bug -- I made it back to the driver seat after several attempts.

Hi all.
I'm rolling through a 20yr nostalgia trip here!
Just bought realMyst for the iPhone -- looks like I'm running the app v1.3.0 and I'm on the the iPhone 7.

I unlocked everything on Myst island and my first venture out was taking the ship to the Selenitic Age. I got all the sound setting in correctly, opened the door and went down the hallway to the next ship. (Train? Car?) It doesn't appear that there is anything to do inside other than to sit down. I was having a hard time "sitting" at the controls and then, when I wasn't really trying (or paying much attention), I somehow ended up in the seat. I took an unsuccessful ride, returned, and now I can't manage to get back into the seat -- so I can't take control of the train again. I've been trying for a while to no avail. I even thought that maybe something needed to be reset -- so I went back outside and played the sounds again. The light was initially out and it came back on. While I was hopeful, I'm still stuck. I'm tapping everywhere -- on the seat, onthe control panel, on the armrest, on the front glass, on the floor. I've tried it with the door open and closed but nothing gives...

Am I missing something, or is this an unfortunate bug...?
(If I'm missing something, please give me an elusive reply...)
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Save and give it a quit.

It happened to me in the RM ME.