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GenerationLost: Mind your words, would you. It's not the developer's fault (Pathea Games), but the publisher's (Team 17).
As a customer, I don't give a shit whether it is the developer's, publisher's or GOG's fault.
Mawthra: In the end, does it really matter who's at fault? Dev or publisher? They are there to work together, so they're both equally at fault for this mess

And the original intent of this post remains relevant... a warning to potential buyers about the issues this game has... I, for one, would've totally skipped the game after looking at the reviews here on GOG and this post
I, for one, am glad I didn't skip the game. Approaching 120 hours of fun with this "broken" version. It's fair to warn other people that there are currently problems with updates, our version isn't as shiny as on Steam, still missing enviromental sounds (which came in 1.1) and other nice stuff... all of which will likely be resolved in coming weeks. 1-star reviews will persist for years, until they do Portia Enhanced edition and scrap the old store page.

Sorry, I guess I just feel all of this is an overreaction to a transient problem, so I try to compensate. If I never looked at steam, I would be satisfied with the state the game is in. That's my measure of quality - in general, not just for games. It's sad when I buy something and next day it gets 50% discount, but such is life. Same principle here, I don't let Steam people having better version spoil my fun here. I have my reasons to refuse to use Steam and accept that there is a price. And as a deveoper myself (not in game business) I can understand some of the problems that arise when there are multiple parties involved in a software contract.
At about 60 hours myself. I've had fun with it. But only thanks to mods, tweaking, and finding manual ways to get past game breaker issues like not being able to turn in the Bridge Towers (Literally halts main story progress). But that fun is combined with work. I shouldn't have to use mods, mess with files, or debug, or anything to enjoy a game. I did enough QA in my life already, I don't wanna do more of it in a game that has hit 1.0 Stage. In a 1.0 game, players should NOT have to deal with bugs that can halt progress.

Let's take a look at the Witcher 3. It had bugs yes. And I played it Day One. A couple of side missions were derped, okay. Roach spawned on top of a house or two. Okay, quite endearing. But the main story, from my playthroughs, never hit a brick wall due to sloppy code. That is acceptable. With My Time At Portia, it's not, looking at it from both a consumer and QA standpoint. Now, I understand, Pathea is a small team, and they have ideas, dreams, and want to make unique game experiences. I can highly appreciate that, and support that. But this game wasn't ready for 1.0 release. It still feels early access to me. Now, I am not gonna say this is the Devs problem, they do in fact have a publisher, T17.... In order to keep GoG a friendly place, I'll hold my peace on that subject, but I feel it's possible their publisher prolly made them rush the game out instead of allowing the developers (Pathea) to have proper time to fully polish the game for what I would call a 1.0 release.

Then again, I am a hard-ass when it comes to such things. I look at EA/Blizzard/Ubisoft and question if their QA peeps are a bunch of monkeys hired from the local zoo.

Anyways. Time for me to fire up this game again, trying to help give feedback on a Mod. Since mods may be the thing that saves this game lol.
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