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Hello Portians!

We're excited to announce that an update containing brand new content is available now!

This update includes new side quests for Petra and Dr Xu, a new outfit and a new weapon.

We have also added support for Korean and Turkish languages.

(Please note: we are still adding the finishing touches to this new language support)

Check out the full list of changes below!

• Added an icon for the player's home on the map. The map will follow the position of this
• Added ten more levels to the Deepest Ruin
• Added a new weapon, 'Golden Staff', as a reward for going through the Deepest Ruin
• Added side missions for Dr. Xu
• Added side missions for Petra
• Added the Monkey King clothing set
• Added side missions for the Monkey King clothing set
• Added a new hair style
• Added initial Korean and Turkish language support

• If the player carries out actions whilst holding their baby, the baby will be sent home.
• Optimised the interaction distance between buildings and mounts
• Optimised NPCs chore actions. They will now fuel machines and add feed for animals before it runs out
• Optimised NPCs following the player. NPCs will teleport less often when the player is on a mount
• Optimised English voiceover
• Optimised some sound effects

• Fixed the bug that character's Pa is unable to attend their wedding
• Fixed the bug that a date would be interrupted when riding a mount
• Fixed the bug that the baby will be dropped while the player character is restoring HP or SP
• Fixed the bug that the competition time of Martial Arts Tournament final is not 90 seconds
• Fixed the bug where the camera cannot be rotated if Vertical Synchronization is turned off
• Fixed issues with the appearance of the map
• Fixed the incorrect conversation when fulfilling Sonia's wish
• Fixed the bug that voice of The gift from Aadit can't play
• Fixed the bug that the player's spouse cannot attend their birthday party if there are too many attendees
• Fixed the bug where the carpet in 'Chat Among the Grass' would disappear
• Fixed some errors in the skills information
• Fixed some map configuration issues
• Fixed the bug causing the game to softlock when the player attends the Portia Land Run with a Robopig Rider
• Fixed the bug that Ginger will not hold an umbrella on Starlight Island
• Fixed the bug that QQ floats in the air while asleep
• Fixed the bug that The Deepest Ruin's first rewards can be obtained repeatedly.
• Fixed the bug that the player may not have the option to interact with their spouse.
• Fixed the bug that players receive error messages the day after they adopt a child.
• Fixed the bug when that Ack's leg would be reset when players load their save file after completing the "Made Whole Again" quest.
• Fixed the bug that weapons may disappear.
• Fixed the bug that the image on the ad board becomes blurred.
• Fixed the bug that Gust's palette vanishes during the animation of him painting.