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I contacted Support last month about this issue, but they neither confirmed nor denied it. All I received was a response that said: They are experiencing internal issues with their servers and will attempt to address the problems as soon as possible. I interpreted that as "great," and thought the Streaming service will be back up within the month. Of course it never has reappeared and the community fix of changing the link name doesn't offer the same functionality.

For certain titles it's an non- issue due to how well subtitles are incorporated within the film. However others almost need a streaming client due to subtitles not appearing correctly - even when downloading the packs. For example, State of Play will sometimes display subs as: Markand as "questionearn/problem points (specialforcategory your question of". You can eventually figure out what is being said, but it's incredibly annoying. The ironic thing is the Streaming client displayed them perfectly.

Thought this issue would receive more attention on the Movie forums, but only two threads mention anything about it. The link name change is a temporary substitution that would only be found within the forums. And if it's a GUI display issue or Galaxy restriction only then that needs to be addressed officially from GOG itself. I understand GOG is making a lot of changes with the launch of GALAXY and how to make it unique from the traditional account page, but one would think the additional server space would add more features - not the taking away of them.

Any official response will be helpful regarding this feature - even if it is slowly being removed.
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