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If you want to run the first Mount & Blade in Wine, make sure to install d3dx9_36 native override, otherwise it won't work properly.
Post edited November 16, 2014 by shmerl
DirectX 7 mode seems to work without overrides but DirectX 9 mode requires the native library. Also, I can't get first person view to work in any mode. Probably a driver issue (Intel integrated graphics, Haswell series).
Strange, on Debian Stretch, Nvidia propertiary drivers, and wine-stagging I haven't needed to install any tweaks or directx things - first Mount&Blade just worked perfectly fine (and exactly the same as with d3dx9_36, or any other, installed - I've checked just out of curiosity).

I'm also unable to use first person view (screen just freezes, and unfreezes when i toggle back to 3th view) in vanilla - surprisingly, it works in Conquest mod.


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...and guess what, first person view started working in vanilla first M$B out of blue sky. go figure.
Post edited December 06, 2015 by Estel_