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Like getting even more money, i just seen the lordly plate armor costs like 133000 somewhere in this price range, so i am missing almost 100000.
I get money easily by selling some equipment loot, winning on tournaments and betting on them, i somehow managed to get 2 cities and 1 castle with a village which are close so i also get some tax from them, money keeps growing but i keep buying stuff(also some books added in inventory that increase skill).
Think i just bought a two/one handed masterwork bastard sword since i wanted to try it out, at least i can use shields with it, though i don't seem to kill them as easily as with a two handed great axe, maybe also because i made the combat ai good this time and my difficulty rating is somewhere around 52% now. And yes i know it reduces the damage to use a two handed weapon as one handed with a shield while on foot, also enemies can't snipe me so easily when i have a shield up.

Should i also mix factions in my party units or will it be a too big hit to morale? By now i only went pure nord.
I actually want to finish the first game before moving to warband which i defeated only the vaegirs by now.
Rhodoks will probably be the next to fall since their armies is only 10 and need to take their lands, swadians aren't at war currently and fighting some kherghit seems like the worst faction to fight against due to all of them being on horses.
Also should i get anymore companions? Than Nizar and Artimenner, they are at least compatible but don't know about other.
Also is there a good tactic fighting against the khergit while onland since you know horses.
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Money tips? Trade skill is a party skill and good to have someone with it. Inventory management is a personal skill and only useful for the player and should be invested in at least once = able to carry more loot, books and food. Loot skill is worth investing in the same as inventory management. Tournaments are good income. Towns and villages give nice tax income as long as they are wealthy, keep the caravans coming and the robbers out. Castles cost more to keep garrisoned than they bring in tax income = avoid or keep at 1-2. Extorting enemy caravans for money is always good if you can easily catch up to them and the more expensive your current troupe costs (so not garrisons) the more they will pay. Keep your costs down as they can easily run away (20k/week is not hard to pass). Smaller army costs less in upkeep. Foot soldiers cost less and therefore make cheaper garrisons. I do a mix of elite foot soldiers and a bunch of cheap soldiers in garrisons to have both fighting power and numbers to deter attacks. I mostly use forest bandits here. Trading can be really lucrative and is an excellent way to spend time if there is peace. Typically you buy spice from Tulga or produce from villages and sell for a huge profit a bit away. Having better relation with towns where you buy or sell a lot helps as they give better prices. Getting the best gear for you and a bunch of companions usually takes a long time. I tend to be fully equipped myself (but a bit cheaper gear than the most expensive) around day 550 and have all my companions with best weapons and "thick" armour like a hundred days before I win, which I have done around day 1000 & lvl 43. As you get more powerful, you can get money faster.

I have tried many weapons and some are clearly not that good when many others are more up to taste and skill. I have found that scimitar and shield works well for me in the beginning (high speed to compensate for low agility) and my trusty balanced great sword (98 speed, 125 reach) combines good speed with decent reach and acceptable damage to work in most situations. The balanced great axe is an incredible hard hitting and shield smashing weapon but harder to aim with, for me anyway, and much slower = problem on foot against multiple enemies. Many like lances but they are hard to aim with for me :-( and only usable on horseback. I always have some ranged weapon no matter what else I wield.

I mix soldiers from all factions, no racism here, but I honestly do not know whether it influences moral or not :-S sorry. Anyone in the know please chime in.

Khergit is a good choice to leave for last but often they get annihilated first in my games, though not by me. Try to make the enemy's last hold(s) such that do not need siege towers.

Companions.... I gave up on keeping them happy and just hire and equip all of them and use whichever happen to be in my party and take them back (free of charge) whenever I meet them again.

Fighting Khergits, different tactics:
Have fast horses yourself and a lot of cavalry. I use a heavy or champion hunter and give all my companions heavy hunters due to their speed.
Fighting Khergits with mostly foot soldiers: Pick the maps, locations where horses have penalties like mountains and forests then do one or a mix of (a) sticking together in a group (b) take a stand on a hill/mountain top (c) stand at the map's edge.


PS. Faster healing and faster map movement means you get more done in shorter time, which helps with many things but keeping the money flow positive is one as one week takes one week to pass no matter what, doh.
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"I mix soldiers from all factions, no racism here, but I honestly do not know whether it influences moral or not :-S sorry. Anyone in the know please chime in"

If you fight their homeland they get a malus to morale. everyone else doesn't.
Fonzer: Should i also mix factions in my party units or will it be a too big hit to morale? By now i only went pure nord.
In original M&B, there is no morale penalty for employing soldiers from kingdoms you're at war with, as far as I know. There is in Warband, though.