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Maybe MR2 isn't exactly Trackmania if it comes to track creation, but it's always good to have more tracks.

Here are mine: (more coming, if I manage to find my older tracks)

Now everybody - post yours ;-).
I found my older tracks & uploaded them as well, you can get them on my site. Now there's 28 extra tracks there :-). Maybe I'll make some more if I find the time.
Could you set up a new download? Also, would you happen to know how to create longer tracks, if possible?
Yeah, I moved my website to a different domain over the years. The downloads are now here:
(it sometimes take a long time to open, but be patient, the site should work)

As for longer tracks - I think that's not possible in MR2. Even if you make the track like spaghetti to make it longer then the in-game editor will refuse to save it. For a longer race you need to stick to just setting up more laps :-P.
Hello, the website no longer works .. Anyone have links for "cyberkiller" tracks please share, thank you !