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I just tested the Gog modified version of Motoracer 1 and 2 on Linux with Wine...
Briefly, pass your way:
- background music does not work
- moto racer 2 asks for original cd!!!

I have better results with original cd...
Post edited February 07, 2015 by legluondunet
Good news: you can obtain now good results with Moto Racer 1 with help of this magic software: dxwnd.

1) install your Moto Racer 1 Gog
2) launch WIne config, in the library tabs, add "winmm" as "native,override" to play audio tracks
3) download and install dxwnd from this url:
4) import MR1 parameters for dxwnd from this discussion:
5) verify your exe is located the same path as mine or modify it. Don't use the Gog executable but the original Moto Racer executable "Game.exe".

Post edited December 29, 2017 by legluondunet
Thank you very much for this Legluondunet! Your tips helped me to create a Wineskin Wrapper for the game (Wine as a Mac OS app).

Additionally, a Wineskin Engine with the "no fullscreen flicker" patch had to be used:
This is a Mac-specific problem, by the way. Just download the latest one and move it to:
/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Wineskin/Engines