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I believe this game took an Epic store money exclusive deal for money, so maybe I will buy it but I would like to do so when it is much cheaper. Maybe $10~15 at most. It also does not look like they added much to the game, since after a long time on the Epic Store for a deal there is no major updates, so does anyone know about how long until the game is half off the current GOG launch price of $27? Do you think one year or two maybe?
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All of this is just speculation, but I'd assume that the game won't be significantly discounted in the foreseeable future (by which I mean something like 40 or 50 %). Since they released the game at a 10 % discount on Steam and GOG, I think the devs are probably treating the game as a "new release", which means no huge discounts for a while.

For context: According to IsThereAnyDeal, the biggest discount the game has had on the EGS during the exclusivity period was 30 %, though the lowest recorded price was on the Humble Store (since they sell the game cheaper even without a discount). See
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2 years is a very safe bet for most games to get a 50% off discount

But consider this:
It's now 10% off with the DLC for free until 24th (NOTE: you have to add it _manually_ the the cart!!).
The DLC will be $8, for what I know.

So, the 'whole' game will be $38 soon, which means it is effectively 29% off right now, already.

I too _very_ rarely pay more than $15 per game on principle but this is one of those exceptions.

But sure, your call. :)
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OK. I will wait until it's bargain bin. Thank you! :)