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A silly little extra for you all... mostly motivated by nostalgia, but also because I honestly like the midi music better than the rather low quality .wav files in the CD version.

Disclaimer: To avoid this pack being playable without having the GOG game, I removed all .gra files from it that are identical in the GOG version. These files will be copied from the GOG game folder on first launch.


-Unzip in the main Mortal Kombat 1 install directory. Not the game files folder "MK1", but the one containing the "DOSBOX" and "MK1" folders.
-Run "Launch Mortal Kombat settings (floppy).bat" and select "Sound Blaster" as sound card. It seems the in-game F10 menu will not set this correctly.
-Run "Launch Mortal Kombat (floppy version).bat" to start the game!

If the sound blaster voices still don't work, you might want to mess around with the main config, and maybe try SB1 as sound blaster card.

Note: the game's DRM is removed; you can type anything you want on the startup screen. The original protected executable is still in the folder as "MK0.EXE".

The password screen is actually a very handy test of the sound settings: letters typed on that screen will only give sound effects if the sound blaster works.

I already enabled Free Play in the hidden options.

Have fun!

Post edited July 07, 2017 by Nyerguds