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Is there a primer for people who never played the original game? Believe it or not back + low kick isn't really all that an intuitive way to do a foot sweep. What about the kill moves? Any suggestions about how to map the keys to a keyboard?
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I own the three games on GOG for years, but I'm still noob. There's even no manual included in the GOG release.
Press F10 to map keys for 1 and 2. MK3 automatically brings you to menu where you can select controls to map. Also, MK1 when you press F10 there is a cheat. Hold shift and type DIP at F10 screen. Number 5 switch is free play so turn that on. MK1 at copyright screen type AICULEDSSUL, then at Akklaim screen hit F9 for cheat menu. If screen disappears too fast you can go into GOG folder for MK2 and in dosboxMortalKombat2.conf change cycles from auto to 40000 and then save. Now click into game and screen for code should be slower. Kill moves don’t seem to bad. Google MK2 PC moves for them.
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