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I've tried a few things using the "dosboxMortalKombat" config file in my MK1 folder. Changing fullresolution from original to a few different resolutions with no changes. Also, tried screwing around with the output and replacing overlay with surface, opengl, etc. None of this has improved the graphics or the resolution. Not too familiar with this type of stuff and any help would be appreciated.
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Out of topic a little but:
If gog could make this trilogy as it was in the arcades I would pay premium for this.
With option for modern aspect ratios.

Arcade perfect port is crucial for these three.
Whats wrong with the DOS ports? I enjoy them and they seem to be better quality than the console ports, which were also good.

@ Topic: Why would you mind to change the resolution in a 2D DOS game? I mean, which benefit you get from this?
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There is somewhere and option, where you can match you fullscreen resolution, so you can get pixel-sharp graphics.